Awesome Firms helps ambitious high performers with excellence potential become Future Leaders in Specialist ("Experts") or High Potential Tracks (Enterprise Leadership roles) by :-

a) Learning practically from the experience of the world's finest Industry Executives (CXO/Board level) & inspiring leaders via our platform.
b) Learning from the world's most innovative firms, disruptive businesses & moonshots with industry defining potential.
c) Developing their Leadership Potential.
d) Helping them build relationships that matter via thoughtfully created networking & credibility building events.
e) Helping them identify organizations that truly seek & have the ability to attract, retain & grow leaders in conducive environments, on the fast track . We also call these select, amazing organizations, Awesome Firms.

These benefits are exclusively offered (For Free) to the winners of our Future Leaders Contest, via our Structured Transformation Acceleration Program (STAP).

Ambitious high performers (Contest participants) find the STAP benefits unrivalled , unique & compelling motivators to compete  & deliver their best in the Future Leaders Contest.

Learning about the world's most innovative firms :- Organizations covered include Deep Technology, Advanced Technology, Techno-Business & Business Innovators disrupting conventional, rapidly growing & future industries. leveraging cutting edge advancements in Computer Science and/or research in Bio/other sciences, to solve the world's  problems.

Geographic spread of firms :- Primarily United States, Israel, India, Germany, Canada, UK, Singapore, Switzerland & Japan.

To know more about these Industries/Firms/Technologies, click here .

Our Community :-  Members are spread across the Innovation Continuum & include High Performers, Fast-Trackers & High Potential business & emerging leaders in addition to Deep Technology Innovators, Innovation & Technology enthusiasts, Researchers & Scientists, Professors, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Investors & the finest Technology , Engineering & Management students.

Fostering Innovation :-   We believe that the best way to nurture innovation is to help creative & ambitious minds succeed in achieving their goals & excel faster.Towards this, our first goal is to identify the brightest Technology, Engineering & Management students & professionals passionate about Technology and/or Business Innovation & help them build amazing organizations / fast track careers they love. In this direction :-

a)  Our Future Leaders Contest, selects ambitious students & high performing professionals &

b) Our Structured Transformation Acceleration Program (STAP) sponsored by us & our institutional partners (FREE), helps STAP members receive  practical exposure & strategic guidance from the world’s best minds in these amazing industries/organizations sharing their expertise & insightful perspectives via our Online platform, in a pay it forward model.

Ultimately, our aim is to build a Y-Combinator quality structured mentorship platform , providing Stanford quality transformation & Silicon Valley level practical exposure, delivered online via our platform by the world’s best minds in Academia, Research, Industry & Public Policy, to help our STAP participants,  succeed faster.

Thoughtful offline & online events to facilitate this are also envisaged. For more details, review “ For students”.

Discover Awesome Firms, soon !

For Professionals :-  Mail us your credentials at members [ at ] OR fill our " Signup Form "

For Students :-  Mail us your credentials at studentapplications [ at ] OR fill our " Student Form "

College/University Enquiries :- Mail us at contactus [at ] OR fill our " Contact Form "

Queries, suggestions, feedback or comments or General Enquiries :-  Do write to us  at contactus [at ] or fill our “ Contact Form ” .

We are in closed beta &  look forward to hearing from & having you in our membership network, soon. 


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