Awesome Firms helps Innovation & Technology enthusiasts discover & learn from  :-

a) The world’s most innovative firms, disruptive businesses & moonshots with industry defining potential &
b) The finest minds behind them.

Organizations covered include Deep Technology, Advanced Technology, Techno-Business & Business Innovators disrupting conventional, rapidly growing & future industries. leveraging cutting edge advancements in Computer Science and/or research in Bio/other sciences, to solve the world's  problems.

Geographic spread of firms :- Primarily United States, Israel, India, Germany, Canada, UK, Singapore, Switzerland & Japan.

To know more about these Industries/Firms/Technologies, click here .

Our Community :-  Members are spread across the Innovation Continuum & include Deep Technology Innovators, Innovation & Technology enthusiasts, Researchers & Scientists, Professors, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Investors & the finest Technology , Engineering & Management students.

Fostering Innovation :-   We believe that the best way to nurture innovation is to help creative & ambitious minds succeed in achieving their goals & excel faster.Towards this, our first goal is to identify the brightest Technology, Engineering & Management students passionate about Technology and/or Business Innovation & help them build amazing organizations / fast track careers they love. In this direction :-

a)  Our Future Leaders Contest , selects ambitious students from several countries &

b)   Our Student Transformation Acceleration Program (STAP) sponsored by us & our institutional partners (FREE for students), helps STAP members receive  practical exposure & strategic guidance from the world’s best minds in these amazing industries/organizations sharing their expertise & insightful perspectives via our Online platform, in a pay it forward model.

Ultimately, our aim is to build a Y-Combinator quality structured mentorship platform , providing Stanford quality transformation & Silicon Valley level practical exposure, delivered online via our platform by the world’s best minds in Academia, Research, Industry & Public Policy, to help our STAP participants,  succeed faster.

Thoughtful offline & online events to facilitate this are also envisaged. For more details, review “ For students”.

Discover Awesome Firms, soon !

For Professionals :-  Mail us your credentials at members [ at ] OR fill our " Signup Form "

For Students :-  Mail us your credentials at studentapplications [ at ] OR fill our " Student Form "

College/University Enquiries :- Mail us at contactus [at ] OR fill our " Contact Form "

Queries, suggestions, feedback or comments or General Enquiries :-  Do write to us  at contactus [at ] or fill our “ Contact Form ” .

We are in closed beta &  look forward to hearing from & having you in our membership network, soon. 


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