Our experience (Details) of over 15 years in partnering with & learning from over 150,000 :- 

a) Ambitious high performers (Multi-year top quartile performers) &
b) Industry fast trackers (Consistent, multi-year out performers) 

across industries & geographies, reveals that only 25% of professionals who have reached the Senior Management level , successfully transition to the Executive Level over their professional life. (Quantified details of organizational levels & Talent demographics

Awesome Firms, an IIM Alumni venture, believes that it can significantly enhance the long term success probabilities of its members to Executive Levels by helping them :-

a) Learn the nuances of business / gain tacit knowledge, practically & First hand from the finest Industry Executives (Board/CXO level)
b) Learn from the world’s most innovative firms & disruptive businesses
c) Learn from “strategic” research by the world’s finest thinkers, veteran practitioners, corporate leadership institutions etc.
d) Build relationships that matter &
e) Enhance their reputation capital

Towards this, we are crafting a success enabling  ecosystem for our members creating interesting possibilities & unique benefits. More details here .

Our "Leader Classes", a "by invitation only", 2 day offline event, presents some of the finest Industry executives (Primarily Board / CXO levels) to our exceptional membership community via structured sessions to help them  harness their experience, wisdom & inspiration  across various spheres.

These inspired experiential learning & leadership development sessions :-

a) Focus on tapping the hard to access elsewhere tacit knowledge & nuanced strategic insights gained by multiple decades of passionate pursuit of excellence by our illustrious speaker leaders  resulting in stellar professional accomplishments & success.

b) Personalizes & aligns extensive research by the world's finest  Corporate & Academic Leadership Institutions, eminent thought  leaders & veteran practitioners, in the areas  of Leadership Development, High Potential Talent Management, etc., to the individual  needs & aspirations of our members.

Ambitious professionals seeking actionable takeaways & curated networking experiences that enable in-depth collaborative learning will find our  themed Leader Classes very valuable.

Awesome Firms believes that the transformation impact potential of a leadership program is directly proportional to the quality of the Facilitators, Audience & Content, in addition to the receptivity & action bias shown by the program participants in implementing the derived learning in their specific contexts.

Hence, towards ensuring maximal impact efficiency & relevancy, all ecosystem participants are credentials authenticated & curated with a very high bar, after a rigorous, multi-tier, national level  process.

Towards this, we have launched India's largest & the most intense search for ambitious High Performers & Industry Fast Trackers at the Senior Management Level ( INR 1 Crore < Annual Compensation < INR 2.5 Crore ) to select 25 of the finest amongst them for membership to our exceptional, curated community, across our Industry Fast  Trackers  ( Age <  36) ,  Senior  Managers  ( Age  < 43 ) & CXO  ( Age <  46 )   cohorts.

Additionally,  25 High Potential (HiPo) Mid Level Managers  ( INR 50 L < Annual Compensation < INR 1 Crore & Age < 32 ) & HiPo Young Managers ( INR 25 L < Annual Compensation < INR 50 L & Age < 28 ) with excellence potential, selected through our rigorous Emerging Leaders Contest & Future Leaders Contest respectively, are also invited for membership to enrich & learn from our exceptional community.

Membership Selection :-  Via a rigorous, multi-tier, national level Executive Assessment & Authentication process, aided by a robust methodology & an eminent jury, to identify professionals who continue to remain :-

a) Highly ambitious.

b) Intensely curious hyper-learners, extremely passionate about learning, especially from :-

i) The finest Board/Executive Leaders &
ii) World-class research in Executive Development.

c) Willing to invest time & effort to develop themselves while accelerating their professional/personal success.

Currently, participation in these contests are by invitation only. To be considered for an invite, kindly submit your details here .

Our "Leader Classes" will be exclusively accessible to these exceptional cohorts of deserving Future Business Leaders & aspirants with our inaugural "Leader Classes"  expected to be launched in Mumbai,India in Q3 2017.

In this exhilarating journey, we are actively supported by some of India's finest Chairperson, CEO, MD & CXO level executives, whose generosity of sharing their time & expertise pro-bono, makes it possible for us to execute our vision of creating leaders the world is proud of.

Discover Awesome Firms, soon !

Queries, suggestions, feedback or comments or General Enquiries :-  Do write to us  at contactus [at ] or fill our “ Contact Form

We are in closed beta & will be launching soon. 


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