Our Vision

Identify leaders (At various levels) with excellence professional & help them progress to the highest levels
by leveraging our success enabling / acceleration ecosystem to become world-class in their areas of passion.

Executive Development - Insights

Research of the finest Veteran Practitioners, Corporate Leadership Institutions & Business Schools in the areas of Leadership & Executive Development indicates that broadly, the developmental journey of a business leader has three levels :-

Developmental journey of a business leader

and that the growth curve of a business leader follows :-

a)    Initially a “T” pattern i.e.

b)  Subsequently, beyond the “T” growth requiring the ability to :-

i) Build “Personal” Reputation Capital – Beyond their Organizational Brand and/or Academic Pedigree.
ii) Build relationships that matter - Mentor Networks, Peer reference groups, Talent Networks etc, going much beyond their organization, industry & alumni groups.
iii) Access opportunities that are not visible to most capable aspirants

Sadly, very few Executives, in very select organizations actually gain meaningful Level 2 & Level 3 exposure. (Probably <1 % of capable aspirants), leave alone “Beyond the “T” growth / exposure.

Thus, most ( >99%) capable aspirants stand no chance of making it to the highest levels.

In this context , it becomes imperative for any ambitious professional to sculpt a personalised success enabling ecosystem.However, this activity requires expertise, time & humongous effort that very few executives are capable of investing in / can afford.

For instance, Across the following :-

Apparel FMCG Consumer Durables
Consulting Retail E-Commerce
Tech Products Telecom Internet Services
Industrial Banking Strategy Consulting
Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Financial Services
Life Sciences Energy Infrastructure

Corporate Strategy Innovation General Management Executive Office
Corporate Development Growth New Initiatives Marketing
Analytics Product Management Product Marketing Corporate Finance
Technology Market Development Logistics & Supply Chain Operations Management

To give you some data, ONLY

0.2% of Managers
0.5% of Mid Managers
1% of Senior Managers &
10% of the Executives

progress to Senior Executive/ Board levels EVER in their life.

This despite many more professionals possessing several traits that are critical determinants of executive success.

Our Solution

Towards significantly enhancing their probabilities of long term professional success Awesome Firms is sculpting a unique career success enabling ecosystem that focuses on :-

a)   “T” Growth - Level 2 (Via Specialty Conferences) & Level 3 (Via Leader Classes) growth in this journey.
b) Beyond the “T” Growth,

pioneering a new approach to helping ambitious high performers & Industry Fast Trackers become world-class in their chosen areas by helping them :-

i) Learn, Unlearn & Re-learn from  :-
-  The finest peer & mentor level reference groups.
-  The finest research in Executive & Leadership Development.
-  The finest Industry Executives at the Board/CXO levels.
-  The finest Innovators, Market Disruptors & Game Changers.

ii) Build Relationships that Matter with :-
-   The finest peer & mentor level reference groups.
-   Professionals they have little/no chance of meeting with their individual efforts.

iii) Build / Strengthen their Reputation Capital by :-
-   Developing their Thought & Action Leadership skills.
-   Building their personal brand – Beyond their Organizational Brand and/or Academic Pedigree.
-   Contributing to Industry, Functional & Societal Impact initiatives in their areas of expertise & passion.

Simply put, we are building a unique professional success enabler / accelerator ecosystem for our members, that harmoniously blends :-

a)  An unique, world-class Executive Development platform with
b) A curated business networking forum.

Membership is FREE, but exclusively only to the finest Executives & Aspirants selected via a rigorous, multi-tier selection process aided by a robust methodology.

Members join one of our Two Forums based on their eligibility criteria detailed below. Eligibility based on :-

i)   AGC –  Annual Gross Compensation for FY 2017-18 (L – Lakhs, C – Crores, k – Thousands, MM – Millions S$ - Singapore Dollars, $ – US Dollars).
ii) Age( in years)  – As of 31st Dec 2017.

Forums Cohorts By Organisational Levels Annual Gross Compensation Levels
India (INR) Singapore (S$) USA ($)
Rising Leaders Forum Managers INR 25L - INR 50 L S$ 75k - S$ 150k $ 75k - $ 150k
Mid-Manager INR 50L - INR 1 C S$ 150k - S$ 300k $ 150k - $ 300k
Executive Leaders Forum Senior Managers INR 1 C - INR 2.5 C S$ 300k - S$ 750k $ 300k - $1 MM
Executives & Entreprenuers INR 2.5 C - INR 10C S$ 750k - S$ 2.5MM $1 MM - S5 MM

I ) Awesome Firms Rising Leaders Forum comprising  members in the following cohorts :-

Future Leaders - Student Cohort –  Students, primarily from the finest B-Schools, showing the potential to be a Future Leaders Cohort member when they graduate. Over 90% of cohort members are students of IIM’s, XLRI, SPJIMR,FMS, ISB, IIFT & select other Top Tier B-Schools. <5% of Top 25 B-School Graduands finally get selected into this cohort. 

Rising Leaders Forum
Cohort Name Organizational Level Age (Yrs)
Future Leaders Managers < = 28
Managerial Cohort Managers < = 32
Emerging Leaders Middle Managers < = 32
Mid-Managers Middle Managers < = 36


II ) Awesome Firms Executive Forum comprising members in the following cohorts :-

Executive Forum
Categories Age (Yrs) Organizational Level
Young Executives To Watch < = 40 Senior Managers &
Executives To Watch < = 46
CXOs To Watch < = 46
Entrepreneurs To Watch No Limit

Membership Privileges

Members gain exclusive access to :-

a) Leader Classes – A “by invitation only”, member paid, 2 – day offline event to be held in select cities in Asia, wherein via structured sessions :-

i) Several of the finest Board/Executive level leaders, amazing Entrepreneurs & exceptional peers share their tacit knowledge, experience & unique journeys helping participants learn firsthand from them.

ii) Extensive research by the world's finest Corporate & Academic Leadership Institutions, eminent thought leaders & veteran practitioners, in the areas of Leadership Development, High Potential Talent Management, etc. is personalized & aligned, to cohort/forum needs  & aspirations, while being presented to them.

iii) Curated Networking is facilitated to build relationships that matter.

b) Specialty Conferences – A “by invitation only”, member paid, 2 – day offline event to be held in select cities in Asia, wherein

i) Via experiential learning sessions, functional development in select functions ( Innovation, Strategy, Marketing, Product Management etc) is facilitated by learning from the finest Board/Executive Level Leaders, amazing Entrepreneurs, CXOs , other innovators, thought leaders & futurists to ensure globally updated functional development in areas of current focus & passion.

ii) Curated Networking is facilitated to build relationships that matter.

These insights are extremely valuable to members because :-

a) Members gain an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of / best practices of their finest Seniors/Peers, without paying their life as the price.

b) These learnings minimize information asymmetry existent in the executive career navigation ecosystem providing a new source of competitive advantage to our members.

 In this exhilarating journey, we are actively supported by some of India's finest Chairperson, CEO, MD & CXO level executives, whose generosity of sharing their time & expertise pro-bono, makes it possible for us to execute our vision of creating leaders the world is proud of.

To apply for membership, kindly submit your details. “here”,

Founder's Executive Bio

Executive Bio of S. Venkatesh, Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms :- 

a) A serial entrepreneur with the experience of creating & running: two high end, retained executive search consulting boutiques for over 15 years in New York & India focused on executive talent acquisition for positions offering an Annual Base Salary of over $250k & its equivalent in the US, European & Asian markets. Personally successfully executed over 200 searches.
b) Deep understanding of our focus industries & the needs / challenges of  innovative organizations & top tier professionals.
c) Trusted relationships & privileged access earned with some of the finest executives in these Industries, across geographies.
d) An Alumnus of IIM Lucknow. (Full-Time, PGP, Class of 2001). IIM's are equivalent of the Ivy League Business schools in India. (LinkedIn profile)

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