Becoming A Member

How can I become a member of Awesome Firms ? What happens after becoming a member ?

Membership is Free ( All events are members paid ), but only to members selected through an extensive process.

To ensure maximal impact efficiency & participant relevancy, all members are :-

a) Selected absolutely on merit, through a rigorous, multi-tier selection process, aided by a robust methodology.
b) Credentials authenticated – To corroborate their submissions on important parameters.

Residency status :- Can be resident anywhere in the world, but willing to attain our events physically in Mumbai, India & / OR Singapore.

If interested you can apply “here” for an invite.

Assessment Methodology :- Potential members are assessed on their :
a) Learnability Potential & Demonstrated interest in Learning.
b) Risk Taking / Decision Making ability, especially in minimal information scenarios.
c) Propensity for Innovation.
d) Ability to manage Failures & Crises.
e) Willingness to contribute back to the society.

Cohort & Forum Mix :-  To ensure a high quality cohort, appropriate diversity metrics, without compromising on merit are built in the invitation & selection process.

Pro –Bono Selection Process :-  The entire process of selection is done pro-bono with no financial investment/commitment required from the potential member.

No Membership Fee to remain a member :- Once selected, there is NO membership fee as well, to be a member of our Forum.

Next Steps once selected as a member :-  

a)     The selected participant will be a part of a global cohort.
b)   Will be exclusively invited & eligible to attend our Leader Classes & Specialty Conferences planned in select cities in Asia ( All events are paid for by the members ).

Leader Classes & Specialty Conferences – Program Structure & Details :- 

a) Program Structure :-  One program for 2 Contiguous days once every six months in one city in a country, each for Leader Classes & Specialty Conferences, i.e. 

i)  Maximum 8 days per year per member in a country, if the member attends ALL the programs.
ii) Minimum 0 days per year – No minimum program attendance currently ( We believe that our program will be world-class & our members will not miss it ).

b)  Cities :-  Mumbai , India (2017) , Mumbai & Bangalore, India (2018), Singapore (2018).

c)  Fees :-  Paid for by the members, should they decide to attend. Aligned with the program quality, the fees for these programs will be benchmarked against the finest programs in the Country they are conducted in & also vary by the Forum they are conducted for.

Indicatively, an early bird fee for the The Rising Leaders & The Executive Forum (In India) may be about INR 25K, INR 40K per day + applicable taxes + Other charges, respectively. (Subject to change, without notice)

We will be glad to share specific details to the interested members at an appropriate stage.

d) Time commitment required :- Our programs are designed to be Scalable, Flexible & Modular based on our members interest & availability, especially given their time starved lives. 

Like any other world-class program, the benefits of Networking & Learning are commensurate with your investment of effort & time.

While there is NO minimum commitment required currently, we recommend our members to invest atleast 6 days a year in this effort.

Selection Process

Executive Forum

Rising Leaders Forum

Step 1 :-  Completion of an Online Executive Assessment Form ( Requires significant efforts, to be completed in a single session or transcribed offline to submit online at one go ).
Levels of Selection Process

Step 2 :-
 Shortlisted candidates (From Step 1) are asked to authenticate their credentials corroborating their earlier submissions on important parameters such as :-

a) Academic Credentials 
b) Compensation Numbers presented 
c) Market Referencing – 2 References to be spoken to, if selected into the cohort on all the other parameters.

Step 3 :- Upon successful authentication, depending on their cohort, they are appropriated granted membership to one of our Forums below :-

Forums Cohorts By Organisational Levels Annual Gross Compensation Levels
India (INR) Singapore (S$) USA ($)
Rising Leaders Forum Managers INR 25L - INR 50 L S$ 75k - S$ 150k $ 75k - $ 150k
Mid-Manager INR 50L - INR 1 C S$ 150k - S$ 300k $ 150k - $ 300k
Executive Leaders Forum Senior Managers INR 1 C - INR 2.5 C S$ 300k - S$ 750k $ 300k - $1 MM
Executives INR 2.5 C - INR 10C S$ 750k - S$ 2.5MM $1 MM - $5 MM
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