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Awesome Firms' Chairpersons' Forum brings together a distinguished cohort of the senior-most Executives in Asia leading the largest & most respected organisations that define the future agenda of their industries.

Membership Eligibility Criteria

a) Top 3 Executives & Lead Directors of Asia's (Global HQ in Asia ) 250 largest diversified conglomerates & holding companies.

b) Global CEO's & Lead Directors of Asia's 250 largest stand-alone businesses.

c) Asia Chairperson, Asia CEO, Regional Chairperson/CEO/President & Higher Level Global HQ Executives of the Top 250 Multinational businesses active in Asia, globally Headquartered in the United States or Europe.

d) Top 3 Executives (Founder, Group / Global / Regional Chairperson / CEO, General Partners) of the largest 250 Alternative Asset Managers active in Asia including Hedge Funds,Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity Firms , Family Offices, Expansion/Buyout Stage Venture Investors.

e) Select Experts - Global / Regional - Chairperson/CEO of the finest Corporate Law Firms & Strategy Consulting firms active in Asia.

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