Member Benefits

I am already doing quite well. Why do I need Awesome Firms ?

Kindly note that Awesome Firms is precisely targeted at out performers, exceptional performers & other top quartliers. Thus, every member of Awesome Firms is either doing exceptionally well or is a top quartiler, doing quite well, 

However, there are specific reasons why we can be very valuable to our members. Some of these are outlined below :-

a) An opportunity to meet the finest Board/Executive Level Leaders, amazing Entrepreneurs, exceptional peers & learn firsthand from them as a part of a close knit, deserving group, selected absolutely on merit.- Practical learning from “Tacit” knowledge – Learnt by Executives on the ground handling real industry problems & challenges first hand, gained while passionately pursuing excellence over multiple decades, resulting in their stellar professional success. VERY valuable & hard to access elsewhere,

b) An opportunity to gain potential Board/Executive level mentors – Extensive research indicates that almost all successful Executives have had great mentors & this works as a virtuous upward spiral  to fuel professional & personal growth. 

c) By virtue of setting an exceptionally high bar with a rigorous selection, authentication process an inherently credible network - an exceptional talent community (Like a Meta- Premier B-School network) is built, offering you :-

i)  Recognition that you are amongst the best – Resulting in increased Credibility
ii) An opportunity to build trusted relationships, with unique, life long benefits. 

Very few platforms are able to provide this currently.

d) The risk & career impact potential of a wrong / poor quality decision is far higher for a high performer & hence there is a greater need for strategic guidance. Expert led strategic guidance while navigating choice complexities in professional decision making scenarios, can be very valuable.

e) Awesome Firms provides a unique platform to access the finest professionals, most of whom are ones professionals may not be able to access in their individual capacity. Many times, accessing the right people, at the right time, can be a game changer & the difference between failure & success. 

f) Learning from the smartest people, with the smartest people in a room where you are probably not the smartest, is very valuable as you can learn from the lives of others (Vs your own lives), without paying your life as the price.

g) The power of observing the finest peers/mentors closely, shared experiences, insights & perspectives gained when shared in an exceptionally curated cohort can have a transformative impact on your persona, strengthening your motivation  to accelerate your success. 

h) Not only entrepreneurship but intrapreneurial executive progression can also be a hard & lonely journey. Having an excellent peer-group & advisors outside your organization & beyond your Alumni network, who have probably gone through the same things, can also very valuable to discuss issues you may not be able to share elsewhere.

i) While your organisation can compete for talent & business you can collaborate for “Outward-In” Learning , gaining in diverse, possibly very valuable perspectives from the finest Board / Executive level Leaders & amazing Entrepreneurs, rarely accessible to Leadership Development Organizations beyond their own.
Without reinventing the wheel, learn from best/next practices across Industries / Geographies / Sectors many of which may not have percolated into your organization.
- Eg. Help a Unilever employee learn from a GE or P&G or from a world class startup or a highly respected Indian organization.(Or vice versa)

j) Above all, extensive research indicates that it is not the lack of career opportunities, but the lack of development of competent professionals that impedes executive progression within/outside organizations.  

Surprisingly & sadly, despite this, most high performers are either not aware of their blind spots or even if aware, given the constraints of their time starved lives, have invested very little effort/time in mitigating this risk.

In this context, gaining practical, hard to access, “Tacit” knowledge & business nuances,(That take multiple decades of pursuit of excellence in chosen areas, to gain) first hand, from :-

i)   The finest, Board level Industry Executives
ii) “Strategic Research” by the world’s finest thinkers, veteran practitioners, corporate leadership institutions etc.
iii) The finest innovators & disruptors, via structured sessions,

in addition to informal learning from an exceptional peer group, can alter thinking paradigms thereby creating an innovation mindset.

Thus Awesome Firms provides the platform, learning & network to significantly reduce your weaknesses while strengthening your strengths, enhancing the probability of your long term professional success. This can be invaluable & priceless.

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