Our Target Audience

Our Focus Industries, functions &  Organizations

Apparel FMCG Consumer Durables
Consulting Retail E-Commerce
Tech Products Telecom Internet Services
Industrial Banking Strategy Consulting
Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Financial Services
Life Sciences Energy Infrastructure

Our Focus Functions
Corporate Strategy Innovation General Management Executive Office
Corporate Development Growth New Initiatives Marketing
Analytics Product Management Product Marketing Corporate Finance
Technology Analytics Market Development Logistics & Supply Chain Operations Management


High Performance Organizations
Innovators Leadership Factories
Industry Disrupters Market Out Performers

 -  Amazon, Google, Unilever, GE, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan etc.

Also includes amazing startups disrupting large, conventional markets.

Top Quartile Talent & Outliers ( Our Membership Eligibility Criteria )

Org Level - Compensation Matrix

Organizational Level Annual Gross Compensation Levels
India (INR) Singapore (S$) USA ($)
Manager INR 25L - INR 50 L S$ 75k - S$ 150k $ 75k - $ 150k
Mid-Manager INR 50L - INR 1 C S$ 150k - S$ 300k $ 150k - $ 300k
Senior Managers INR 1 C - INR 2.5 C S$ 300k - S$ 750k $ 300k - $1 MM
Executives INR 2.5 C - INR 10C S$ 750k - S$ 2.5MM $1 MM - S5 MM
Senior Executives / Board > INR 10 C > S$ 2.5 MM > $5 MM

In quantified terms, (Based on their Annual Gross Compensation- AGC) across our focus areas, these professionals demonstrate consistent, multi-year performance positioning them in one of the following segments :-

Target Audiance

a) Industry Fast Trackers :- Out-performers / Outliers – Top 5 Percentile - > 95th Percentile
b) High Performers :-  Next 10 Percentile. (85th - 95th Percentile)
c) Potential High Performers :- Next 10 Percentile ( 75th- 85th Percentile)

Together, these three categories represent the Top Quartile talent segment aggregated across High Performance Organizations in our Industries & Functional focus areas across the following forums and cohorts :-

Forums Cohorts Annual Gross Compensation Levels
India (INR) Singapore (S$) USA ($)
Rising Leaders Forum Managers INR 25L - INR 50 L S$ 75k - S$ 150k $ 75k - $ 150k
Mid-Manager INR 50L - INR 1 C S$ 150k - S$ 300k $ 150k - $ 300k
Executive Leaders Forum Senior Managers INR 1 C - INR 2.5 C S$ 300k - S$ 750k $ 300k - $1 MM
Executives INR 2.5 C - INR 10C S$ 750k - S$ 2.5MM $1 MM - $5 MM

Our Target within Top Quartile Performers

Research indicates that ambition, learning & drive exponentially drops for most professionals as they progress in their careers.  

<20% of Top Tier B-School

<20% of Top Tier
B-School/University Graduands

<15% of Managers

<15% of Managers

<10% of Mid Managers

<10% of Mid Managers

<5% of Senior Managers

<5% of Senior Managers


We estimate that  <20% of Top Tier B-School/University Graduands, <15% of Managers,  <10% of Mid Managers & <5% of Senior Managers to be :- 

a) Ambitious i.e. Still willing to work hard, persevering with the energy to do so.
b) Innovative 
c) Risk Takers i.e Having the decisive ability to leverage Opportunity
d) Humble & Willing to continuously learn, unlearn & re-learn.

However, these qualities are critical determinants of Executive Success.

Thus, unfortunately, >80% of Top Tier Graduands, >85% of Managers,  >90% of Mid & >95% of Senior Managers are not even in the Executive progression journey because they stop doing the very things that actually made them successful in the first place.

From the much smaller subset of professionals at the Senior Management with the capability / potential to transition to Executive Levels, standing a chance to make it to the top, while most understand the value of Strategic Planning, very few :-
a) Prioritize, without excuses, their need for Executive Development while deftly managing other time demands.
b) Actually invest time & effort to do what it takes to drive their career growth, strategically.         

Research indicates that beyond Capability & other traits mentioned above, there are several key ingredients to building a successful Executive Career. Some of these are :- 
a) Reference peer group.
b) Strategic guidance & mentorship from the finest leaders.
c) Ability to build & nurture relationships that matter.
d) Individual Reputation Capital ( Beyond their Organizational Brand & Academic Pedigree)

Thus, disciplined willingness coupled with the right mindset & expert guidance trumps raw Capability in the long term.

Awesome Firms is sculpting a unique,success enabling ecosystem that makes this possible. significantly enhancing the probability of long term success of our members.

Like some of the greatest truths of life, even when we share this, only very few :-
a)  Will  have the “mindset” to “get it” &
b)  Within this set, have the discipline to do what it takes to leverage this unique opportunity.

Our target segment is this set (< 5% of potentially capable) of amazing leaders & potential leaders.

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